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Guardian Angel-Day 21/365

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There is a soul mate for everyone I believe.  When I was single a wise friend of mine told me this but added that there were many potential partners for everybody, it just depended how much you wanted to compromise.  Relationships are like that, no one is perfect, even me 😉   I found this to be very true when I really thought about it, but I wanted someone that I didn’t have to compromise too much with, a soul mate.

What I did was find the best person to consult that would guide me to my soul mate, so I turned to my Guardian Angel.

These are 6 things I did to help this along:

1.  Be happy as you are.  You don’t need someone to make you happy as you can be happy within yourself and then this will attract into your life someone special.

2.  Resolve problems from previous relationships and release them.  Don’t carry excess baggage around with you into the next relationship.

3.  Do things for yourself, like warm scented baths or light some incense before bedtime to help you connect to your Guardian Angel.

4.  Before you go to sleep ask your Guardian Angel to send someone into your life that will become your soul mate.

5.  Listen to any message you receive through your dreams that may be guiding you.

6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 as often as you think you need to and be patient as it will happen, you just don’t know when.

This method worked for me and I have been with my soul mate now for 8 years.  I had been by myself for the previous 10 years and it was only after asking my Guardian Angel that within three months I met my fiancee.  After being by myself for so long it hasn’t been easy adjusting to being part of a couple, it has taken time and we accepted that, but we are quite content and happy today and I can truly say he is my soul mate.

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