Do you know your Guardian Angel?

Your Guardian Angel
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Most religions believe in a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide of some sort.  Getting to know your own heavenly Angel is not difficult but with practice it makes it easier.  The first step is to acknowledge that you do indeed have one and that they are with you in times of happiness, sorrow, grief or turmoil.  Know that they are there to help you through your life.

I talk to my Guardian Angel(s) and most often this is while I am traveling in the car, and this is probably because I feel them closer maybe because of being more enclosed and also the quiet of the open road.  I travel through the countryside to get to work each day which takes me about an hour each way.

They know that I look for their protection and they haven’t let me down yet.  When I am really troubled I will often ask them for help.  I listen in my heart for their messages and sometimes it’s just a matter knowing what to do or say.  It’s a kind of intuitive feeling or message that comes through.  Remembering to listen for these messages is important.

I can’t say I have actually seen my Guardian Angel but I have felt them near me and a few times I have seen a glimpse of movement in the corner of my eye.  This has happened to me a few times while I was growing up (in the family home) and later while I was visiting there.  All the family believe that this is a protective heavenly angel who looks after us and our children, especially the babies, but really the Guardian Angel is associated with my mother.

I dream that I am discussing issues and goals with my heavenly Angel, and this is for me a wonderful way of talking to them and getting advice.  I wish that I could connect more often but I know they are always there for me.  What I do to prepare for these  dreams is the same as for any dream.  I listen to some relaxation music or do a simple meditation while lying in bed, ready to go to sleep.  I keep my journal next to my bed so I can record the dream as soon as I wake up.

Do you know your Guardian Angel?

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6 comments to Do you know your Guardian Angel?

  • That is amazing! You really see some movements at time? Wow!

  • Angelr

    Webbielady I see that shadowy movement a lot in my parents house but in my own house, when I was first there, I used to see one spirit (a man) but I knew it had to be the former owner so I told him that his wife had moved to another home and told him where, and I never saw him again.

  • surrounded by kids

    I too feel my guardian angels, I say angels because I feel I have 3 angels looking after me. I have seen a glimpse of them once when I was in that relaxed state before sleep, a blurred picture of 3 people appeared to me, two I think are my Dads parents, and the other I am not sure, I was so excited to see this that I woke myself up and that was the end of that.
    I too have felt and seen visions at my parents home, all good spirits as they make me feel secure and safe.
    I am sure we are surrounded by the people who love us and will meet when we die.
    Great blog, love it

  • francesca

    i’ve seen my guardian angel
    i was very upset at that time,
    i asked God to halp me and he did.
    next day i felt protected, safe, nothing colud happen to me he was at my right, i actually felt a presence
    and i was sure 100% it was him.
    i was wrong
    during the night i was awake i had my eyes closed, thinking about how greatful i was for his support, when i had this image in my mind:
    a man standing in an absolute dark,
    about 30, black hair, megium long, he was wearing a simple white tunic and lights came from his body, like he was made of light,
    i couldn’t see his face but i knew he was beatiful, i opened my eyes, i was shocked … what was that?
    was he god? i never pictured god as a person or anything else,
    after that my brother read me an N.D.E ( NEAR -DEATH – EXPERIENCE )there was a descrpiption of an angel, the description just fitted
    so i realized it was him.
    never been interested about angel
    i knew they are messengers of god, but that, i’m sure he wanted me to know me actually since that i felt him always on my right, and in few
    occasion he was really happy.

  • October~Rayne

    I’ve dreamed of my guardian angel… In the dreams there is no sound and he is always comforting me. But recently I’ve only dreamed of him being hurt…that kind of worries me..

  • Your experience seems great! It doesn’t need to see our Guardian Angel like a human. If we see like that, we don’t trust or respect His instructions or listens.