A smudging technique for your home

I like to smudge the boundaries of my home for protection, walking through each room including the doors and windows.

The things you will need:

Pottery or ceramic dish
smudge bundle
favorite or special prayer

Start at the front door and light your smudge.  Let it light for a minute then blow it out.  It should smoulder.  If not then start again.  Also during the smudging if the smoke stops then light it again.

Take the smudge around the house making a circular movement with the dish letting the smoke cleanse any negative energies.  Say the prayer while doing this.

When you finish let the smudge burn itself out.  I like to finish where I began, at the front door and then walking outside that door, facing away from the house throw the ash to the wind.

You can also use this technique for any object such as tarot cards.  Remember never leave it in case of cinders.  You don’t want to burn anything.

This is an example of a simple prayer:
I call on y angels to protect this house, my santuary.  Let no harm come to it or those who live here and let goodness and love dwell always.

You can use this prayer or have one that is appropriate for you or your beliefs.  Why not try smudging your home and feel the difference it makes.

2 comments to A smudging technique for your home

  • Raj


    I dont want to make u feel offensive, but dont u think its a bit superstitious ??

    Because i believe even if u just say the prayers with a true heart, it should work fine.

    Whats the need of taking a circle around the house? and wait a minute, who said smoke clears negative energies….

  • Angelr

    It may be a bit superstitious and making a circle around the house is a way to make sure you cover the whole house. We all have opinions and I accept that.