Ask your Angels for help to relax and sleep

With daily stress of everyday life it is sometimes difficult to turn it all off when you want to go to sleep.  Also your dreams are influenced by your mind so being relaxed as you can before retiring to bed at night is important for good quality sleep.

Ask your angels to help you sleep as they are there to help you at all times don’t forget.   Relaxation and sleep will come more easily with their help so do ask them.  What have you to lose?  When you get into bed close your eyes and ask them to help you.  This applies to any request of course but is also a good time for help with sleep.

I saw this lovely video on angels sung by Enya.  It only runs for about 5 minutes so if you have the time listen and watch it.  Enya has such a lovely pure voice it really is a lovely video.  It is very relaxing as well and you can just keep playing it hehe like I did.

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