Affirmation – the Power of Words

Affirmations are words or phrases which you repeat to yourself or others, to support or change thinking patterns on a sub-conscious level. This is also the way you have formed negative and positive thoughts throughout your lifetime, saying things to yourself, about yourself, repeatedly. After words or thoughts are repeated, they soon become belief, and this belief becomes our reality. In this manner we from fears of money, poverty, sadness and other emotions that are linked with these beliefs which can turn out to be our comfort zone, no matter how positive or negative it is.

Since we created these affirmations, we can also change them. This is a great way to start your new you and prepare for the future. When you feel tired, sad, stressed or any type of anxiety, your daily affirmation will help you to feel good and get you through the day.  But, for the affirmation to work you must not say something which can make you feel better, you must also feel the words and believe on it. Say whatever makes you feel good, and then view yourself in a happy situation doing or being what you desire, it will all make sense, believe me.  The deeper you felt it, the faster it will draw it to you.

Daily affirmations are powerful tools that can help you create the life you want. It makes you stronger, help you to develop self confidence and to reach you dream success. But you have to use them properly and you have to continue working with them regularly; to the point where they become such a habit that you want to say them all the time, over and over. Repetition works and stimulates the subconscious, which in turn motivates the person into acting out their affirmation. A person who creates the affirmation should feel deeply about the words they will be using, so they will be able to actualize their affirmation.

Though affirmation is a very simple word, it can make a big impact on our lives. It is a great motivator that brings you success and can make all things possible.

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  • that is so true about the power of the word, so true, reason why we gotta be aware of what we say, in order to no attract negative things to our life.