How to develop your psychic ability

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If you have psychic ability then you need to acknowledge it.  This may sound like a something that doesn’t need to be stated but many people try to ignore their psychic side.   Some may have natural ability while others have to develop their skills.   You may even be someone who has flashes of psychic energy only now and again.

The first step is to trust your intuition. Trusting your judgment is very important and will help you make accurate decisions.  Haven’t you felt sometimes that your first impressions of something or someone proved to be the correct one?  Then listen with your heart and not your head.

Many of us become aware of our psychic ability when our dream experiences contain psychic content. This could be due to telepathic exchanges in our sleep, lucid dreams, deja vu or astral travel.  By understanding our dreams we will be able to see more clearly into our subconscious. While most of us may never consider ourselves as being psychic, we may be getting our messages of the future through our dreams.

There are several places on the internet where you can test your psychic abilities and develop them and I would encourage you to this this.  The best system I have found is one called Unleash your Inner Psychic by Annette Sassou.  She has a step by step system that will show you how to reach your inner psychic mind and connect with your spirit guide or guardian angel as well as help you tap into your true potential.

There are many ways of ‘seeing’ via all our senses and it is only by investigating what works for us that we can find where our own gifts are.

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