How to choose an Angel Card Deck

Angel cardsThe first thing you need to do if you want to read your own Angel Cards is to choose a deck.  There are a few around and I am not going to recommend any to you as the most important factor on obtaining and using your angel cards is that they are the right deck for you.

There are many places online to buy your Angel Cards or go into a store and choose them that way.  Look at the cards in the decks and you will be drawn to the right one for you.  If you can lay your hands on them or pick them up that can help but from my experience I could tell by the deck itself which one was meant for me.

It is important to listen to your intuition in doing this as the right deck will mean more accurate readings for you.  I chose a very popular named angel card deck because I felt that deck was the one I needed then.

After buying your Angel Cards, perform a smudging ritual to clear any energies that might have been attached to them.  The only person I allow to touch my cards is my partner and only when I am reading for him.  I occasionally read for others and you then have to allow them to shuffle the cards as well.  If you are worried about their energy you can smudge them again.

You are now ready to do your own readings from your own angel card deck.  I will post how to do a quick reading next post.

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