Can you read Tarot Cards?

Have you ever tried reading Tarot Cards?  It’s not as easy as it may appear to be.  There is a lot to learn and it’s not just the learning of the cards but how to read them prophetically.  Practice makes perfect they say and in this case it is all too true and by practicing you also get to know more about how accurate your readings are.

Finding the right tarot cards that bring out your prophetic abilities is very important.  I have been looking for the right cards for myself for awhile and only recently have found the right ones.  I think it is important to choose your own cards as you will be the one reading them and you will know instinctively which ones are right for you.

I believe what I can see when reading my tarot cards is what God wants me to know and I feel he guides me in my readings.  If it doesn’t feel right then I put the cards down and try again another time.  I also believe my angels send me messages as well.

Free Offer:     If you would like a set of simple tarot cards to practice on (example in image above) and that you can print out for yourself,  then just leave a comment(more than 1 sentence please)  and I will send them to you by email.  This offer is only for the first 5 comments received.

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