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Have we lived past lives?  There really is no way to prove or disprove this but many people have memories of their past lives and the concept that we have lived before is intriguing to many of us.  If you were to ask me whether I had memories of a past life then I would have to tell you, yes.

I suppose I should elaborate on my own experience of a past life and this was only one life that I remember.  I was a young man, late teens to early twenties in age, a bit of a chauvinist and selfish, and feel that I died in a car that plunged off a bridge in a storm.  I don’t know why I know this, I just seemed to have always known.  I have since also heard of others with past life recollection.

Many people have dreams of living in another life from the past and often use past life regression recordings which can help with making these remembrances seem clearer. How does this work?  With the help of binaural beat frequency recordings the brain gets into the alpha and theta frequency required for achieving regression to view your past life.  It can often be like reading a book.   Theta frequency is the one that helps in dreaming and alpha is your normal aware self.

Don’t think it will happen easy though as with most things it takes practice and time but as you get more experienced it becomes easier.  The binaural beat recordings though make it a bit easier to pick up these various frequencies. They are easy to use, just download them to your iPod but make sure you have stereo headphones or earpieces.  TRY IT OUT AND SEE – YOU WILL BE AMAZED.

Exploring your past lives can be exciting and may help you understand yourself and your current life.  You can learn from past failures and wrongs and make this life a better one.  I will talk further about learning from our past lives in another post to come soon.

Now, do you feel you know a past life too?  Please share your experiences with us.

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2 comments to About Past Lives

  • I’ve always felt that I’ve lived past lives. I believe that many of our dreams are actually rooted in or memories of past lives. The only way I can explain this is there are many dreams I’ve had where I’ve seen someone who may look entirely different on the outside yet I know them to be someone in my life. Which takes me to the fact that I also believe when we die our spirits travel with the same souls in which we were in contact with during our lives. Very interesting and fascinating post.

  • sometimes i have a feeling that i have been in that certain situation in the past. i believe that most of us live in the past life.