Are you having nightmares?

nightmare_in_a_mirrorNightmares are dreams that cause you to be emotionally disturbed.  These nightmares are dreams that often evoke feelings of fear, horror and panic.  Are you having nightmares like this and is your quality sleep being interrupted?  Apart from early childhood monsters that invade dreamland, there are other characters such as a fearsome boss or an disagreeable family member that make their presence felt in dreams and turn these dreams into nightmares.  Situational factors in these nocturnal visions such as falling over a deep ravine, drowning, or being hurt can also evoke feelings of terror.

Nightmares can be caused by both physical and psychological causes.  Those who are suffering from high fever are known to have such disturbing delusional dreams.  And then, there are those who are faced with psychological trauma and stress.  People who have had traumatic experiences such as being tortured, being in an accident or being threatened could have these experiences come back to them in their dreams, causing them to wake up in a state of distress.  These people often find it hard to go back to sleep for fear that they will have the same nightmare again.

The reason you are having your nightmare differs from anyone else experiencing the same thing.  If your nightmares are occurring with regularity and of a certain recurring theme, you should consult your physician.  Medical and psychological treatment can be done to help you stop these nightmares from interrupting your sleep.  A treatment called imagery rehearsal is one of the recent developments in dream therapy.  This kind of treatment has been found to reduce the occurrence of these bad dreams as a result of and acute stress disorder or a post traumatic stress disorder.  Ask your doctor about this therapy and whether it is right for you.

Practicing lucid dreaming is also another way by which a nightmare can be controlled.  By being aware that your nightmare is only a dream, you can fully control the way your nightmare turns out when you are in a state of lucidity.

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2 comments to Are you having nightmares?

  • JennyJJ

    The worst nightmare I have ever had was when I had a high temperature with the flu. It was so vivid and scary.

  • Anna

    i have a recurring dream where my parents and siblings get possesed and i have to jump out of my window to get away from the evil thing that is living in my parents bedroom. there is levitation, red eyes, and little kids who are possesed by this thing that lives in my house. during this dream, starting at about four am, i wake up every hour. this happened last night, and today i was feeling nauseous and dizzy/very tired. my mom has the same problem, and also had a bad dream last night. she told me that she dreampt about getting so hungry she cut open the family dog, took out some meat and cooked it. she sewed the dog back up but he was struggling to live. this is also a recurring dream for her.