A quick Angel Card reading

AngelOK you now have your own angel cards so to start with try this technique for an Angel Card reading and a quick card of the day.  This is just to get you started and to get used to your cards.

Try this method:
Shuffle the cards a few times.
If one falls out then put that aside.
If none fall out then divide the deck into two and choose a card.
While you are doing this you should ask your angels for guidance for that day/week.
If you have a card that has fallen out then you don’t need to do that step, just read that particular card.
Read it as if it is a message being given to you.

You can use the instructions you get with the angel cards until you trust your own abilities to do it all without any outside interpretation except your own.

When I read a card I try not to think too much but just say what I am thinking or write it down.  Just let the thoughts come and go and note them.

Try not to have any distractions while you are reading your angel cards.  I like a quiet space so my thoughts don’t get distracted by outside noises.

You now have completed your first reading.  What did you learn?  If you feel that you didn’t get anything from the cards this time, don’t worry because it will come with practice.

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