Are there any fairies in your garden?

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Many people believe in fairies, elves and other earth spirits.  The Irish believe in Leprechauns and the English in fairies.  Like angels you see them as how you imagine them to be ie I would perceive fairies to be small with beautiful glistening wings.

Earth spirits however, are more about how you feel and not in how you see them.  I can though sometimes hear the natural spirits in the wind whistling through the trees or how a bird will appear and glide above me and even in the closeness with nature I feel being in the mountains or the rainforest.

There are many varieties of  elves and fairies, they say, including Gnomes, Goblins, Gremlins, Hobbits, Brownies, Nymphs, Trolls and Leprechauns to name a few.  My favorites are the Brownies as they are home bodies like me, Dryads who live in trees and Nymphs who live in flowers.  I love to think that they are around me, and that appeals to me when walking in the garden.

You may see by this article that I am not a true believer in fairies but I would not suggest that they don’t exist but I accept that people do believe in them.  Fairies are said to bring good luck and are something good to believe in, in this sometimes imperfect world we live in.

I do hear something in the wind and in the mountains but to me that is my angels and not the fairies who may live in my garden.

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5 comments to Are there any fairies in your garden?

  • I was not expecting that in this age of extremely high and advanced technology, stories of fairies, elves, and other earthly spirits would still be discussed, filmed, and appreciated by both the young and adults.

    I really wonder what started all these folklore and mythology. Are the lessons these stories depict still have relevance to our culture and age?

  • Angelr

    You would be surprised how many people really believe in fairies, and why not believe in something that is good and innocent? This world needs more of these people and if you don’t believe me, then just ask the Tooth Fairy.

  • I believe yhere are some good invisible beings around. Hope your angels protect you through the life.
    Have the nice day.

  • I am the Christian.
    I can’t say I believe in fairies, because I know the fairies exist indeed. Not only I, but all believers didn’t doubt the reality of the spiritual world.
    What’s regarding the fairies – the spiritual beings have lots of names…
    So the denial of the fairies would look like the conscious self-destruction.
    Therefore it was fine to read your article. You didn’t deny the existence of the reality that enables us to smile even in the sad current world
    I hope to receive your comments to my humble musing.
    Thank you

  • Angelr

    It is a sad world at times and fairies make us believe in goodness and light. Thanks for your comment Tomas.