How to lucid dream easily

orion-nebulaHave you ever gone through your entire morning routine only to be jolted by the sudden realization that you are still asleep?  You wake up clearly remembering everything you have just done like you had just really experienced it.  You have unconsciously had a lucid dream at the lowest level.  When it happens a few times you wonder when you do wake up whether you are still dreaming or were you awake the whole time.

Lucid dreaming put quite simply is knowing that you are dreaming something while you are dreaming it.  There are feelings of everything in your dream as being real even when you are aware that they are not.  It is some sort of an awakening that puts you into your dream while you are still dreaming it.  You can learn how to lucid dream and control what goes on in your dreams just by doing some simple exercises.

Lucid dreaming is often used by those who are looking for ways to ease anxiety, nightmares, or simply for those who want to go off into some fantasy world of their choosing when they go to sleep.

How fast you learn how to lucid dream will depend on whether it comes naturally, or whether you have to work on it,  how well you recall your dreams, and how well you have developed your critical thinking faculty.  Diligently practicing your mental exercises will also train your mind to get you in a state of awareness while you are still dreaming.

Dream recall exercises are recommended for beginners wanting to learn to lucid dream.  Upon waking up, do not do anything, try to remember your dream and write it down as you describe your dream.  I know I say it a lot in these posts but recording your dream is vital. Trying to recall your dreams is an important step in learning lucid dreaming since it conditions the mind.  Waking up while still dreaming and then going back to sleep with the dream in mind could help you get into a lucid dream mode.

The Unexplainable Store has great binaural beat music that can help you achieve lucid dreaming.  I love their mp3 downloads.

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4 comments to How to lucid dream easily

  • Like your blog a lot; I sometimes record my own dreams on my blog because I do find them to be a great source of information and inspiration. May I add you to my blogroll?
    Thanks, Heather 🙂

  • Wendy

    I have had many of these dreams. They are give you a really weird feeling. I remember dreaming, but at the time I thought it was real,that my alarm went off in the morning and I got up and went through my usual morning routine, then in the middle of my normal routine, the real alarm went off and I remember thinking, that can’t be my alarm going off as I am already up and in the shower??? It felt really weird.

  • Angelr

    Wendy you have just recounted a real lucid dream. It does feel weird I must admit too.

  • Cole

    I have had basic lucid dreams… Never one where I was fully aware though. I have been practicing most of the methods, I usually use the method of lying unmoving to trick my body into sleep while my mind is still awake… It is actually quite hard- your body gives “tests” to see if your concious mind is awake, like uncomfortable sensations, itches, etc. I find it is the easiest way besides Binural beats.