What are dreams?

What are dreams all about and why do we have them?  That is a question many people ask themselves especially when they have nightmares or a dream which is disturbing in some way.  Well an easy way of explaining is this:

Everyone has responsibilities in life.  Responsibilities as parents, spouses, children, bosses, employees and they have to be carried out each day. The internal world of our subconscious experiences happiness, sadness, anger and other feelings during these times but the speed of our brains is so fast that we may not be able to acknowledge a feeling or thought before it is gone. Too many things are happening in our minds and too little time to share every thought and feeling with others.

This is where your dreams come in. Your unconscious mind surfaces every night to help you sort out your daily thoughts and feelings.  So a problem that you are settling in the day may come into your dream for review and proper filing in your brain. The psyche does a comparison between the new emotions with what already existed in the memory system.  The settled issues during the day is properly filed leaving the unsettled or ongoing issues for further analysis and review.  These unsettled issues will be communicated to you via dreams.

dream-words3But you may have experienced some nights without a single dream.  Is that true?  Will I dream tonight?  Well you will dream tonight as everybody dreams we just don’t remember them.  Studies have shown that each and every one of us has a minimum of four dreams in a night and each dream may last for about an hour or two.

We cannot have dreamless nights.   It spells danger if you are not dreaming in the night.  So will I dream tonight? Sure you will, and you should be thankful if you have dreams you remember.  At least, you know your psyche is doing a proper job to keep you mentally healthy!  Ok now you know you dreams are real now is the time to Make Your Dreams Come True!

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