What you should know about dreams

Although a lot of research and study have been done, we are yet to understand everything there is to know about dreams. Dreams are not easy to interpret due to the fact that they are created by our unconscious mind, and our conscious mind in the awakening stage cannot understand what was communicated when we are asleep. Dreams may seem to be mysterious, but we do have some facts about dreams.

There have been thousands of songs written about dreams especially love songs.  In our dreams we can be with those we love whether they are alive or have passed, they love us, or they don’t.  These are very special dreams and often give comfort to the dreamer.

Nobody can escape from dreaming! So if you think that you have slept peacefully last night without any dream, it is not true.  The fact is that you may just not recall them. For certain reasons, your unconscious needs to communicate with you and dreams are its only pathway.  Studies show that we dream several times per night and these dreams may last for one to two hours.  Dreams are essential for our brains to maintain a proper function.

Dreams are not limited to what we can see. Do you know people who have no sight still dream? You don’t need to see to dream as they can be in the form of sound, feelings and smells detected by senses other than the eyes. It is sometimes only the feelings that remain that we do remember from our dreams.  Have you ever experienced a scary dream, but just cant call to mind the details, only that we felt scared.

dog-asleep1When speaking about dreams, we should consider also whether animals dream? Well, studies have shown that warm-blooded animals do dream. The sudden eyes movement, moaning or opening of claws may be signals of dreams. But no one can really tell whether these are truly dreams.  If we could ask them I’m sure they would tell us they can.

Dreams are special so don’t dismiss them. Find out how your dreams can make your life more fulfilling. You can learn to read your own dreams intuitively or seek someone who can.

As Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage”.

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