I hate it when I have a Falling Dream

fall_jumpI really don’t like my falling dreams but I realize they are normal, are very common, and many people have them at sometime in their lives.  Dreams of falling are far from pleasurable.  Generally they cause a shock which awakens you with a start.  It feels like your dream is trying to shock you into coming down to earth.

Studies reveal that many cases happen at the brink of sleep, and that at least some falling dreams  may be physiological in nature – i.e. a blood pressure or an inner ear process.  Another theory that is not true is that you will die if you do not wake up before you hit the ground during your fall.  I also wake up before then so I cant back that up though.

Experiencing falling in a dream may suggest that you do not feel in control, you don’t have enough emotional support or that you need to stand on your own two feet.  Falling dreams can also often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation.  It may be the fear of falling in your job, loss of status or love.

Freud had the theory that falling dreams indicate that you are thinking about giving into a sexual urge, and you may be lacking indiscretion.  I think you have to work out if that applied to you or not.   I think that the more plausible explanation is that you fear something that is happening in your life and you are the best person to work out what that is.   Write down your dreams in a journal or diary and you may be able to work out why you are dreaming of falling.

If it seems to be just an unknown fear, try to confront that fear, think about what is the worst that can happen and what would be the best and this will help you work through it.  The most usual explanation most often given is that it is that dreams about falling are related to the dream of flying.

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1 comment to I hate it when I have a Falling Dream

  • JennyJJ

    I think we all have falling dreams at some time and it wakes us up. I think Freud was sex obsessed ha ha so I dont take much stock in what he says. Thanks for the post though I found it helpful.