How to keep a diary of dreams

diary-of-dreamsWhether you want your dreams interpreted or just want to understand them out of your own curiosity, you should keep your very own diary of dreams to help you recall them later and in greater detail.  A dream journal is perfect for this.

There are times when we wake up puzzled about our dreams.  It has often been said that dreams are unconscious manifestations of our innermost feelings and desires.  They are, however, not as straight forward most of the time as to be easily interpreted.  In a lot of cases, these dreams do not make sense at all.

There are times when you remember your dreams vividly and there are times when they just disappear like cloud wisps as we open our eyes.  It is important to try and consciously remember your dream as soon as you wake. Have your dream journal readily accessible to you by your bed with a pen so that you do not have to get up and grope around for them when you first awake.

A lamp next to your bed providing a soft light clear enough to allow you to see as you are writing on your dream journal is a good idea.  Don’t get up or disturb yourself too much as this could bring you to full wakefulness and lose the dream you are about to put down in your dream diary.

Before going to sleep you should repeat to yourself that you want to remember your dreams that night.  This conditions the mind to keep your dreams in your memory until you have written them down in your diary of dreams.  Do not try to interpret your dreams as you are trying to recall them.  Tell me know how you go by leaving a comment.

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