Famous dreams and the people who dream them

Portrait of Mary Shelley

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What have you been dreaming about lately?  They may not be famous dreams but they still could be something funny, strange or weird, you can be sure that dreams say something about yourself.   It is said that Abraham Lincoln once dreamt about his assassination.  And what do singer Paul McCartney, author Mary Shelley (picture to the left), inventor Elias Howe and novelist Stephen King have in common?  They’re all famous great people who dreamt fascinating dreams which made them who they are today.

Dreams have always been quite mysterious to people, from having dreams to interpreting what they mean, dreams have continued to puzzle us and amaze. For some famous great people like Paul McCartney, the tune to the world-famous song “Yesterday” came through a dream.  It was a frightening dream that inspired Mary Shelley to write “Frankenstein.” and it was through a dream that the inventor Elias Howe figured out a way to complete his sewing machine. Stephen King also admits that some of his stories are inspired by dreams he have even as he sleeps on a plane!  These once personal dreams have now become famous dreams of people who took a further step of sharing their dreams with the world.

Dreams are important and most of the time, the creative activities and genius of our brains become more apparent when we dream.  A number of famous great people admit that their dreams have been part of the success of their careers and their lives.  In reality, every person dreams as he sleeps, but some dreams are more easily remembered than others.  Dreams whether they are famous dreams about people, events or places or just ordinary, everyday dreams give us a different perspective to our lives.

I will be having my own dream tonight and let it become a famous one in years to come.

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