Do you have snake dreams?

medicine-sign3It is quite surprising really how many people have snake dreams.  Many people though find them disturbing and often they feel quite anxious or set in the morning and others feel very peaceful after their dreams. There are many interpretations on snake dream also which can be confusing to someone who is trying to find the meaning of such dreams.

I don’t know about you but I have a fear of snakes and I’m sure that is not uncommon.  To me then a snake dream wouldn’t be a good dream unless in my dream I had learned how to control that fear and then it would be a good dream and might indicate that I had overcome some aspect in my life that this represents. You can see that how you feel about snakes, and how they appear in your snake dream will determine it’s meaning.

In the bible the snake is seen to be a creature that tempts someone against doing the right thing and if this dream reminds you of this type of battle then it may really indicate a competitive relationship you are having either at work or home.  It could also be seen as a fight against reaching your own personal or business goals.

Among many cultures the snake is seen as a symbol of wisdom and beauty.  if you see the snake in your dream in this way then the dream may be about renewal, problem solving and good news.  This snake dream may be asking you will need to find the answers of someone that is happening in your life just now.

Carl Jung associates dreams of snakes as a symbol of health and medicine.  In modern times the medical profession is symbolized with a snake wrapped around a staff of the healing god.  Jung believes that the snake represents the connection between earth and heaven. If your snake sheds it’s skin then it may mean renewal or transformation in your life.

Recurring dreams may indicate that the fear or problem hasn’t been resolved. You need to work through the problem so that you won’t have to keep dreaming the dream over and over.  Often lucid dreaming may help you resolve those issues.

To really find out the meaning of your snake dream you must ask yourself, how did I feel, what is my attitude towards snakes, am I alone or who am I with then I see the snake and if I am with others what do they feel or how do they react.  This will give you some insight into the meaning of your dream.  This worked for me and I no longer have these dreams and this is really worthwhile in the long run for you too.

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  • I recently had a personal breakthrough that brought my old snake dreams into remembrance… The snake was always in the kitchen of my childhood home where the table used to be… and I have come to understand that the snake was biblical in context ~ ie: the liar, and that my subconscious has been trying to tell me for years that I was lied to as a child at that kitchen table and it changed my outlook on myself and how I approached life. It’s kind of like reading a book in Italian… you kind of get what it’s saying, but until you learn Italian, it doesn’t really make sense.

  • Angelr

    How true Aria and well put. it is like trying to decypher another language.

  • Mike

    As long as I can remember I’ve had a giant snake re-appear in my dreams. First several years of them it was mostly me trying to get away and it always cutting me off never really terrifying in a way, just if I ran through a door, he poked his head through the window beside the door. Last dream (until recently) I was running through an open desert, nothing in sight of getting away and I realized it was hopeless, so I gave up and stopped running, he just simply stopped and remained there sorta slithering around, its that dream I realized he was covered in scars, even missing his right eye with a giant scar going vertical over across his eye, I remember asking what he was but I dont remember, I assumed he explained about being a guardian, or dream totem, but when I had asked him why he was always chasing me he just said he’s been keeping up. After reading up on it I figured that was a sign of change that I had finally been able to accept and thats why he stopped coming back, Now that he’s been showing up again its had me wondering what parts of what I’ve been reading of snake dreams might mean for me. Is it a sign of change to come, or a change that I’m avoiding, there’s so many different meanings, the sense of a snake being my guardian I’ve come to believe is true I’ve noticed tons of characteristics in myself they say comes from this, even weirder since I was maybe 12 I always wanted a snake tattoo up my arm but its hard to get a headstart on the message, when there’s so many messages.

  • April

    I had a dream last night that my family were excited about opening a business and this includes the snakes, so my family was not afraid of the snakes instead they were happy to make the snake as one of the main source of business i was the only one who is against of having snakes as a business. I dont know exactly what was the business all about but what i remembered when the 4 snakes came they where after me and one of those tried to attacked me and everytime it will attacked me I will punch the head and it goes back again to me. I don’t know the meaning of these but it gives me the idea that someone will try to betray me or attacked me. I was so furious about my dream and when I woke up I prayed and cast whatever works of the enemies that my come along my way in Jesus name.

  • Angelr

    As I read your comment I was thinking that the snakes were a sign of good luck but then as you continued I realized that the snakes were people who are two faced and appear to be one thing but really are another. Beware of these kinds of people in your life. You probably know who they are. They may not be associated with your parents but they have come into your life somehow.

  • Lil

    So, I had two giant snake dreams. The first one, it was at some animal zoo and we were observing the giant snake, who was apparrently unable to harm us. Then, all the people disappeared, and the trainers, so the snake was free to do its will, for some reason my dog and cat were there, and I wanted to get them out of the room, as I was afraid that the snakes would eat them, so I ran back into the room to get my pets. The snake slithered out of the room, and people were screaming and going crazy, but I didn’t think it would hurt us, I wasn’t afraid of it, just afraid for my pets (It was massive, like way larger than life) but then out in the hall, the snake just collapsed. And I felt sad for it.

    Second one, again it was like observing from above, this time a farm, not a zoo. And then zooming in to reality, and the snake was so close in this one, it was a different snake, not like the previous one whom I felt for, this one was scary and evil-ish, and really big, thinking back, I think it was actually scarred or something…. I’m not sure, but it came so close, it didn’t hurt me though, it was kindof scary. It’s giant head was so close to mine, and again, I wanted everybody else to leave. I can’t remember if we ran away from it and it was chasing us.. or something like that.

  • Lil

    I forgot to mention, in both dreams I was with my mum, and I think maybe also other family members….

  • Jodie

    I had a dream just a month so after my mother died that I was on my parents front porch and this huge black snake came behind me and I knew it was too fast to run from so I tried to pick up its head so it couldn’t bite me. I fought with it and I asked Jesus to help me and as I did that the snake got weaker. I managed to throw the snake off into the bushes but I noticed it bit me by leaving hyperdermic needles in my arm. Well months fly by and I am being bothered by dark forces in my dreams trying to get me. I beg God to make the dark forces go away and leave me and my family alone. That night I have a dream of the huge black snake and it is at my parents porch again, this time it is not on the porch but facing the porch in a stiking position. I thought it was alive but later saw that it was dead but looked alive. My dad tells me to grab it but I refuse. My dad knocks it in the head and I tell him good job and then I wake up. What is it with the huge black snake on the front porch? I thought maybe it was God showing me that the evil is nothing to be afraid of, it is just scary but dead and that my dad represented God showing me that he is stronger then the serpent and that I have nothing to be scared of. I don’t know if that is what it means or not. Just real curious what the dream means.

  • rianna

    I had a dream of a human who had snake like qualities. it slithered up my body as i slept, it kept sucking my arm, but everytime i got scared it kept kissing me where it has sucked as if it was trying to calm me down. i was assigned with this half human half snake as a sort of guardian. it was almost as if it was ranked than me, because in my dream the person/snake slept in my bed whilst i slept on the floor, but i was also told i would soon turn into one, it had a scarf around its face so no one else could see what it is or what it was doing, and in normal day to day life, no one else could see it. its breath smelt like blood. i really feel as though it is telling me something?

  • Cristina

    I had a dream of a baby boy who was stuck in a snake pit and I could not rescue him. What does that mean?