Are you realizing your dreams?

visual mapI am not talking about dreaming your dreams but rather I am talking about your desires and wishes. These dreams for better things are what we all feel we want to happen in our lives.   I even love to do Visual Maps of what I want to happen in my life and have it displayed where I see it everyday.    See the picture of my own dreams map to the right ->

I must say tell you too that I met that man in the picture, well someone who looks a bit like him but better,  and now we are engaged.  I have been to the house in the picture by accident and I have walked in the field of red poppies.  I am always amazed when that map comes to life for me.  You can also see that I dream about traveling a lot.

I really believe in asking for what you want from your angels (or from the universe if you don’t believe in angels).  This has worked for me a few times in my life, that I am aware of, and maybe at other times I may have put it down to  a coincidence.

I used to feel that wanting something more for myself was a selfish act so now I ask not only for myself but for someone else I know who needs it too.

This is one of my favorite quotes from Neal Donald who wrote “Conversions with God”.

Decide who you are – who you want to be – and then do everything in your power to be that!

You are worth it!  You truly must believe that and accept the reality of your dreams coming true.  Ask for what you want and your angels will give it to you.   Realizing your dreams is really not difficult if you believe.

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