Why do we dream?

thumb_brain_2Why do we dream when we sleep?  No one has yet been able to solve the mystery as to why we dream.  There have been different theories about why we do dream and we can actually look at the question in two ways: psychologically and physiologically.

When we look into the psychological aspect of why we dream, the theorists agree that the daily activities play a major role in making our dreams.  Unresolved problems, incomplete projects and other unsettled issues can add on to our new input of feelings and thoughts during the day.  These may have to be dealt with by our unconscious mind through our dreams which may also suggest to us the way of approaching the problems.

When we look into the physiological aspect of why we dream, the theorists focus more on the function of our human brains. The dream actually helps to replace what the brain does during the awakened stage.  Our brains, when awake, receive as well as transmit messages consistently through our brain cells and as such, when we go into sleeping stage, our brains carry out this function via dreams.

Two different theories it may seem, but both schools do agree that we dream only during REM sleep.  This phase is also know as the rapid eyes movement sleep when the brain is as active as when we are awake and the body is totally incapable of moving.  So since the unresolved issues are reviewed in our dreams, can these dreams solve our problems?  Can we have healing dreams come by night to heal us?

Nobody can in fact answer the question of ‘why do we dream’, but we do know from some studies that we can have healing dreams that help us recover from our inner wounds.  Don’t dismiss your dreams because you are sure to find more inner meaning in these dreams which will serve as a guidance to you.

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