When I dream

When I dream, I am ageless……Elizabeth Coatsworth

When I dream I am a child again, I am a teenager, a schoolgirl or an adult, but I am never old or ugly.  I travel the world, I live in the country or in an unfamiliar land, and I am a man or a woman.  As you can see my dreams are extensive and they are often.  In my dreams I am swept along not able to change the events or surroundings.  My only release is to wake up.


I can dream about you or you can of of me.  My dreams are of my family and my friends and the people I love who have passed.  I dream of recent events in my life and those from my childhood.  Some of my dreams are about similar things and I will talk about interpreting dreams in another post.

Remembering the dream is sometimes easy and at other times the memory is gone in a flash.  If I wake up quickly then the memory fades fast.  When I dream it’s usually in the early morning and just before I wake up.   I find I remember the dream if I tell someone about it.  A diary is another good way of recording your dreaming experiences so you may look back on them for a better understanding later on.

My dreams are in full color, or very dark colors and sometimes in one color only. I often dream in black and white or a sepia.  Dreaming in vivid color gives me the most realistic experiences and my past gets represented by sepia or black and white like its a faded memory.

When I dream I can be anyone my mind wants me be and I am liberated from my body and my everyday life.  I can dream about you or we may even meet in our dreams.

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