Is using a Dream Herb of any value?

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I went looking for a dream herb, one that would enhance my dream experience, and what I found were herbs that promised vivid dreams.

These are the ones I thought worth looking into:

Dream Herb or Calea Zacatechichi seemed to show the most promise. This herb has hallucinogenic properties and results have shown that it enhances the number and recollection of dreams.  It is one that is crushed and dried and smoked and/or taken as a tea.  The taste is bitter so many prefer to smoke it.  It is a legal substance in the US except for Louisiana.

Other herbs that can be used are African Dream Herb also known as Silene Capensis which as the name implies comes from Africa. The root is used to induce vivid and sometimes prophetic dreams and is used by Shamons in their initiation process. African Dream Herb is like Dream Herb in that it produces similar changes in consciousness.

Another hallucinogenic herb from Africa is Iboga or Tabernanthe iboga which grows in the rainforest.  In its original state the bark of the root is chewed and has a bitter taste and gives an anesthetic affect on the mouth.  When taken in large doses it can visions.  In the United States Iboga is classified by the Controlled Substances Act.

Mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris is another herb that was used historically in herbal medicine and was often smoked.  It is not used these days because of toxicity worries and once the herb is cooked the plant loses its hallucinogenic affect.  Also it was believed that placing the herb inside the cover of a pillow and sleeping on the pillow can induce vivid dreams.

The other herb worth mentioning is Diviner’s Sage, also known as just Salvia which is a psychoactive herb which can induce strong dissociative effects. These effects are only short lived but the good after affects include insight and calmness and elevation of mood . Salvia is currently legal in most states of the US.

If you decide to use any of these dream herbs please research them carefully and look for any contra indications for any medication you may be taking.

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3 comments to Is using a Dream Herb of any value?

  • MugwortManiac

    I use the mugwort under the pillow method for real wild dreams….bring on the mugwort….Id never smoke it though

  • Herbalism carries a long history of use outside conventional medicine. It’s becoming much more mainstream as advancements in analysis and quality control in addition to developments in medical research show the value of herbal medicine in the treating and preventing disease.

  • Herbs are really useful in getting nutrients naturally, some of them have medicinal properties too