I am still dreaming

dreams of traveling

I am still dreaming and it is one thing in life that we can say is really free.  In the midst of life’s journey people can still find hope and motivation from their dreams without having to pay anything for it.

As for me, I dream about my dream house, traveling to foreign lands and everything else that I am concerned about in my day.  I dream of what is happening around me, what I want for myself in the future and how to overcome obstacles and/or motivate myself to make these dreams a reality.

Dreams do not have to be realistic and I believe you can still dream anything you want to even if you feel it is unattainable, because in life if people didn’t have those kinds of dreams nothing would ever have been invented.  Dreams are important for they can be motivators for our own goals.  Without dreams, people are without a hope for the future.  That is why I believe that people should be still dreaming of things that they really want for themselves, no matter what that is.

In spite of events that happened last year, from the financial crises that has struck almost every household in some way, and the environmental problems that continue, to the general hassle of living an everyday life I am still dreaming good things into my life.  You see, when I dream it makes me feel more alive, for in dreaming I have reason to live,  I am optomistic about my life, I have a goal to accomplish and a world to explore.

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