How to create a dream mood to get better sleep

four-poster-bed“Dreams are the facts from which we must proceed” …C G Jung

Setting your dream mood will result in better sleep and control of your dreams.  Our dreams send us messages and they can affect us intensely.  Being in the right state of mind when we go to sleep can help us get these messages more clearly and help our minds to get to stay in that unconscious state longer (for those of you who have trouble staying asleep).

The first step is preparing yourself for sleep.  Try and make sure there are no outside noises such as TV, music or other loud sounds as these may be incorporated in your dream and affect the right dream mood you are trying to achieve. Noises can also jolt you out of dreams eg when the alarm goes off in the morning. You will go to sleep in a more relaxed state if you are in a safe and welcoming place and there is quiet or soft background music playing.

Your feelings and emotions in your dreams are experienced by real responses by your body so it’s important to establish a good dream mood before you go to sleep.  With less distractions this will allow you to drift off to sleep with the right mind set. Try and relax yourself before going to bed and avoid arguing with your partner/family or have your mind be too stimulated just before bedtime.  Close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths to relax you.

Tell yourself that you are going to have a better sleep and you will be able to remember your dream when you wake.  Your dream intention is very important so think about what you want to dream about during the day and just before you close your eyes.  This will greatly enhance your experience and help you set a good dream mood in advance.

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    great advice. I really have been having a hard time sleeping or going into a deep sleep. I will try these pointers.. thanks.