Dreaming with Healing Crystals

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When you are more experienced with controlling your dreams you can then work towards a more advanced level of awareness and enhancing the experience of your dreams by using healing crystals. We all dream but most of us don’t have any control of what we do dream.

Dream enhancers have been used for hundreds of years for enhancing experience of these dreams.  Healing crystals are natural and can influence your physical and emotional energies during sleep as well as when awake.

They can be small enough to put under your pillow or by your bedside or even wear them around your neck.   I love crystals and always choose ones that I am drawn to as I believe they are the ones you need.

In the past I have often been drawn to Quartz, both clear and rose, but lately Amethyst is my choice.  Knowing why you are drawn to these particular healing crystals is important to help you decide what to buy.  For many years I carried around a Citrine crystal in my handbag to help me release stress and tension in my awake hours so choose one that relates to the concerns you are having for your bedside as well.

When you go to bed at night take your healing crystal in your hands and try to go to a place deep within you.  Feel the energy of the crystal protect and strengthen you from top to toes.  Think about the concern you are having and send it to the crystal to resolve.  In the morning record that dream to interpret and I am sure you will feel that that concern you had has lessened or dissolved or you know the solution now.

For a excellent ebook on healing crystals I recommend Chakra Crystal Healing.

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