Dreaming love into your life


Did you know that you can decide what dreams to have each night? Most people mistakenly think they can’t control their dreams, but actually there is a scientific method called lucid dreaming that you can use to dream about anything you want!  If you dream about something, it helps you realize it in your life. I have used this technique for dreaming love into my life so I can tell you it works.

For many years, I had trouble being successful with love. I discovered that part of my problem was that my heart just wasn’t ready to completely give in to love and accept it into my life. I was holding myself back from giving myself completely to another person.

When I learned about lucid dreaming, I decided to use it for dreaming love into my life.  Every night before I went to bed, I tried to visualize myself in the arms of someone I loved and trusted completely.  I did this before bed for at least ten to fifteen minutes. I then cleared my mind and got ready for sleep. I also asked my angels to send me someone who would love me and be an honest and caring partner.

After a couple of weeks, I started to have more and more frequent and detailed dreams about love and romance. I journaled each of these experiences of dreaming love and reflected upon its importance. Over time, I discovered that I was feeling more and more positive about the idea of giving myself to another person.

After being alone for 10 years I met someone special within two months of dreaming love into my life and we have been together now for 5 years. He really is the love of my life so don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams can’t come true.

Note: If you have trouble with visualization then I suggest you get the help of The Unexplainable Store through binaural beat technology played through music will guid eyou through lucid dreaming or if you have found it hard to attract your life partner then The Awakening Course by Dr Joe Vitale will help you find true love and lasting relationships.

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