Do you know about your children’s dreams?

Children have great imaginations but your children’s dreams may be mirrors of their inner feelings as well.  Are they playing with fairies or riding elephants across a desert or are they convinced there is a monster just outside their window.  You can see then it is sometimes difficult reading dreams of children.

Even babies dream and a dreaming baby has rapid eye movement that you can see and it is also shown by the changing expression on their faces.  It would be amazing to find out what a dreaming baby is really dreaming about.  Are they dreaming of food and warmth or of things to come in their lives?  They do need sleep though to develop their growing brains.

Your children’s dreams may be a way of fulfilling a wish to do something like ride that elephant or they may be sorting out a problem they have had in the day in a very simple way or the dream  may be helping them bridge a fear or problem that they are finding hard to express.

Monsters are probably a very common bad dream children dream about and of course they always appear in the dark.  Your children’s dream could mean that they cant face something like an emotion like jealousy of a new baby in the house or it could be something they are trying to escape from rather than face like problems at school.  Talk to your child the next morning but remember that they don’t always remember their dreams.  Reassure them that dreams aren’t real and cant hurt them.

We all need to sleep and that applies to children too.  When we sleep we dream, and who is to say that dreaming isn’t one of the main reasons why we sleep.  Children spend more time than adults sleeping so not only do they need more time to rest their

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