Are you using Dream Catchers for dream control?

dream-catcherDream catchers were originally made by the American Indians from the Ojibway tribe, and used materials that were available to them or what they were guided to use.  Today dream catchers for your home are made with wood or even metal hoops, with web or netting to form the dream web and come in many sizes. They usually also include feathers and beads. If you are going to make your own then you should let your own spirit guide you to the proper materials to use.

Many New Age believers view dream catchers not just as a tool to collect good dreams and eliminate bad ones, but also to help us understand our dreams.  They help to hold good visions, ideas and opportunities to achieve dreams and goals so they concentrate good energy and neutralize negative energy. Throughout history, people have placed importance on the meanings of their dreams and today they are still a powerful force in our lives.

Dream catchers for dream control are hung near where you sleep and if your dreams get too traumatic you can lay them down flat to stop those dreams.  Dream catchers for protecting sleeping children from nightmares were traditionally used by Native American Tribes.  Many people though just use them as  art for their walls but if you want to protect yourself from bad dreams or  nightmares then use an authentic one like you can find at AAA Native Arts Gallery.

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