A poem – Your Guardian Angel

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This is a lovely poem about Guardian Angels and I think it really explains their role.  They are always there in our lives so why not talk to them each day and thank them for their guidance, support and comfort.

Always remember that if you need help in some way ask your Guardian Angel and he/she will help you.   May you also have the wisdom to follow their advice.  You won’t hear their voice as such but you will receive their message.  Listen to these messages carefully.

Your Guardian Angel

You have a Guardian Angel
Who watches over you –
Everywhere you go
And everything you do.

This gentle, silent helper
Is there to be your guide
To shelter and protect you,
And for you to walk beside.

Your Angel will always help you
Whenever things go wrong,
They’ll be the wings beneath your feet
As Life’s path you walk along.

Feel this calming presence –
Be enfolded by its love
And let your life be guided
By a power from above.

……… Author unknown

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