What do dreams mean?

eclipseWhat do dreams mean?  Before answering, what we should understand is how dreams come about.

There are people who believe that dreams reflect what you have been thinking about in the daytime.  Although there are several other beliefs how dreams come about, it is in fact the unconscious mind which is behind the dreams we have in our sleep. Dreams are created to fend against intrusion of the anti-conscious mind the human or physical side of us.

Dreams are created by the unconscious mind to protect us against the anti conscious mind and these dreams actually contain messages which guide and inform us of a lot of things.

Know what dreams do mean is just as important as understanding how dreams come about.  Learn to read your dream or find a dream analyzer who can do that.

If you are keen to finding out about the meanings of your dreams, look for a dream analyzer who can be a person you meet face to face or may find online on the internet.  Ask yourself what do my dreams mean? By describing your dreams in detail the dream analyzer should be able to tell you the real meaning of your dream and advise the course of action to take in order to protect you and your mental health.

Do not ignore your dreams even if you are unable to determine the meaning behind them.  Learn to analyze them yourself or get help from a Dream Interpreter.  Choose someone who feels right for you.  It is important to be confident in their abilities to give you an accurate analysis.

Listen and learn from what your dreams tell you because your unconscious mind will never lie.

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