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Light has always been used to symbolism good and purity. In dream interpretation, light dreams aren’t so far off from how people perceive it.

In general, light dreams are seen as a positive symbol and can mean happiness. The presence of light means the lifting of darkness. This is how it also works in dream interpretation. When you dream of lights, it could mean that you have attained or will attain general enlightenment in your life or a specific area of your life.  Light dreams can also means you have or will attain knowledge and understanding regarding something you previously failed to understand.  Of course, in dream interpretation as in real life, this may not be as positive as it seems.

Other interpretations suggest that dreaming of light could mean a figurative lifting of the dark.  In this case, the light may indicate the lifting of a problem or the end of a difficult period in your life.  Darkness, after all, represents something that is evil and undesired.  That you will experience joy and happiness is also a popular interpretation.  This makes sense, since darkness is also perceived as sorrow and despair.

Where the light is coming from can alter the definition of light dreams. If you dream of light from a light bulb (or any similar artificial source of light), it could indicate that you’re ready to face a certain reality in your life. If the light flickers or fails to turn on, this means you are bound to discover something you didn’t know before.

Light dream interpretation can also be  spiritual one .  A light dream can mean enlightenment, as light, in most religions, means consciousness.  Dreaming of light should then mean that you are experiencing or will experience an illumination in your life. It could also mean enlightenment in your literal or figurative journey.

I hope this explains your dreams of light.

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