Dreaming about Christmas and the holidays

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I have been dreaming a lot lately and many include dreams about Christmas parties, the Christmas tree and giving presents to friends.  Chirstmas is an important time of year for me and can be stressful, joyful and demanding so my dreams are about being prepared so I know to act on this and plan ahead. It could also mean the demands that are put on ourselves at this time of year especially family responsibilities are weighing us down.

Many dreams about an important event can be triggered by worry about the event or just by being stressed preparing for it like it seems I am doing.  These dreams tell me that I am stress although I wasn’t really aware that I was.  If this does not apply to you then what does dreaming about Christmas mean?

Christmas represents a time of goodwill, peace and celebration and it also can be a time of spiritual enlightenment.  Your dreams may indicate that you are expecting pleasure in your life just as you do at Christmas.

Christmas and New Year also represent new beginnings so are you thinking of a fresh start, moving, new job new way of living?  These dreams all need to be interpreted individually and you are the best person to interpret them.

If you are dreaming of Christmas and it’s the end of the year then this is probably just your way your brain is sorting through the data it’s being fed during the day.  Relax and don’t let this happy time of year get you too stressed.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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