Dream Interpretation of School Dreams

girlinschool1One of the most common types of dreams people have are dreams that take place in a school. Even if you haven’t set foot in a classroom in decades, you still may have embarrassing, disturbing, or strange dreams about being back in school again. So why are you having these dreams and what is the dream interpretation of them?

In general, dream interpretation of school dreams comes from having anxieties about authority or control, especially if your particular dream focuses on relationships between yourself and teachers. Anxiety dreams set in a school may also focus on the rules and regulations of a school, such as making it to class in time, school bells, having a hall pass, or getting sent to detention for a particular infraction.

These dreams of control anxiety may reflect upon difficulties you are having with a boss or supervisor at work. They may even stem from an actual legal problem you have incurred in real life, such as cheating on your taxes or not paying a parking ticket.

Another explanation could be that you are feeling that you still have a lot to learn and you may be dreaming this for example if you are changing jobs. Maybe you feel that you are being held back in your job or your private life or that some part of your past hasn’t been resolved.  Do any of those click with you?

However, the dream interpretation of dreams that focus on a relationship to peers are rather different. Often these peer dreams may involve being ridiculed by a group of students, perhaps because you are wearing only underwear. These dreams are generally about your real-life fears that you are not being socially accepted by others or your fear of not “fitting in” at work, church, your neighborhood, or social gatherings.

As you see there are many explanations when interpreting school dreams and only you know which one fits your life and the dreams you have been experiencing.

2 comments to Dream Interpretation of School Dreams

  • JennyJJ

    I used to have lots of dreams about being back at school. Usually I was late for class or having an exam which I hadnt studied for.

  • payday loan

    great information. I can’t recall having any school dreams recently. but now i will be more aware and know why i’m dreaming of school.