Birth dreams and their meaning

dreaming-babyThere can be more than one meaning for birth dreams. This can mean the beginning of something new in your life and not necessarily that you or your partner will have a baby.  Are you relieved?  I know I would be, but then I am too old for babies but 25 years ago it would have been a different matter.

Birth dreams can also mean that a positive change is going to happen very soon in your life or someone close to you.

You need to know how did you feel during the dream.  This does change the overall meaning as well.  Dreams come to us in symbols and they don’t always mean  what is at first obvious to us.  Ask yourself what could this birth dream really mean.

If it is your child who dreams of a birth and you or someone close to you is not pregnant then this dream too can mean a new start for the child and is a good omen for the future.  Explain to your child what this dream means to them.

So when you dream of having a baby or holding a baby or someone close to you is, then think about all the things I have mentioned above and you will have your own dream interpretation.

Does that make you feel better or did you really want to have that baby?  I hope it explains though why you had this birth dream and that dreams don’t always mean what they first appear.

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