Are you having dreams about teeth?

TeethMany people have dreams about teeth, either their own teeth or someone elses.  Usually they don’t find these dreams pleasant and even some can find them disquieting.  I personally categorize these teeth dreams as warning dreams and so they give you the opportunity to change the future to some extent if you want to.

Often teeth in dreams may indicate a problem you may be having with self image, confidence at work or home or a health problem you are dealing with.  Admiring your own teeth however, can indicate happiness and wishes coming true for you.  Dreaming of a third party like a dentist, in your dreams can mean you may be being influenced by a person of position or status and may not be faring well.

Have you had dreams about teeth that weren’t your own?  What I mean by that is dreaming of seeing someone elses teeth and if see a monster type person with rotten teeth then take that to be a warning that someone will be deceitful around you.

Think about what is happening in your life as well.  For example, my granddaughter is losing her front teeth and so if I had a dream about teeth then it would have been influenced by my current experiences with my granddaughter and not a true dream.  It’s something similar to dreaming about what you had watched on the TV that night and not really an indication of what is happening in your unconscious mind.

Think about what is happening in your life at present and this may help you work out why you are having dreams about teeth.

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2 comments to Are you having dreams about teeth?

  • Hey there, came across your blog whilst dropping some EC luv .. I’ve had teeth dreams for a while now and they can be pretty disturbing .. mine are normally my own teeth but they seem to be crushing themselves in my mouth which is pretty scary and nerve wrecking at the same time .. I have even woken up feeling like I’m choking on the damn crushed teeth !!! at least someone else thinks about this LOL great to have found your blog !

  • edith

    i dreamed that i didn’t had teeth. They didn’t fall i guess that was they way were, but i do remember having some left. I was smiling i wasn’t scare i think i was just making fun of the fact that i didn’t had teeth and had the biggest smile like nothing bothered me.