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These are the 3 steps I follow myself for my own dream interpretation.  Follow them and you will have a greater understanding of what your dreams are trying to tell you.

1.  Before you go to sleep, relax your body and mind and ask you angel (spirit guide or dreaming self)  to help you to remember the dream that night. You need to be relaxed to help this to work.

2.  As soon as you wake up think about the dream you had and then write it down.  Don’t wait too long or your dream memory will disappear. This is the most important part of dream interpreting so follow this part carefully.

Things to think about when writing out your dream:

  • What kind of dream was it?  Was it a nightmare, weird  experience or a regular dream?
  • Was the dream in the past or the future or does it relate to the present.
  • Write down how you felt while dreaming.  For example were you feeling happy, sad or anxious?  This does make a difference as feelings are very important for dream interpretations.
  • What symbols or themes were used. Maybe you had a dream of a tidal wave or a wedding or maybe it was a person such as a friend or an animal. You can get guidance here from a dream dictionary but remember it’s your dream and use it as a guide only.

3.  Wait a few days then read back what you have written and it will probably be clear to you what the solution or other explanation is for that dream.  The more you do these 3 steps, the better you will become at it.  Symbols and themes will probably be the most difficult part of your dream interpretation and where you may need to seek help.

This is a simple method for interpreting your dream but some dreams are more complex, so if you are still unclear of the meaning, then you can get your dream interpreted professionally.  I would recommend this especially if  the dream disturbs you or you have many symbols to interpret.

Start tonight, why wait for a better time because tonight is the perfect time, while it is all fresh in your memory.

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