How to find out who your dream guide could be

A dream guide is a person (mythical or human) or even an animal that appears in your dreams to help you understand what you are dreaming or to give you an instruction or message.

masksJung describes them as five main characters or stereotypes:
The self – the whole or the center, the ego
The shadow – the opposite of the self, instinctive and irrational
The Anima – from the meaning, to breathe,   female personality of the male,  eg Eve
The Animus – the masculine personality of the female
The Persona – how we present ourselves to others, the mask we wear

There are many, many others though and include the following:
Angel – genie, message giver, a recognizable dream guide
The great mother – queen, goddess, mother divine
A wise old person – the mentor, Merlin
A trickster or clown – eg Bugs Bunny or it may even be your cat
The divine child – the vulnerable, longing for innocence

Do you recognize any of these characters in your dreams as your dream guide? The great mother is very prevalent in my dreams as is the divine child.

Before you go to sleep, ask that a dream guide appear in your dream.  Prepare by relaxing and taking your mind to your favorite or happy place.  Gently drift off to sleep but remember to record your dream in the morning.  Do this again another night and invite them back.  The more you do it, the better you will get at it and you will develop a relationship with your guide over time.

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