Who else wants to Astral Travel?

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Astral Traveling is what happens when you leave your physical body behind, going to a place you want to go,  and then returning back to your body.

Before I had an astral travel experience I didn’t really believe it was possible. I hoped it was but I probably didn’t think it would happen to me. One night though it did happen and it will never be the same again. It is an amazing experience not have the weight of your body, and the buzz you feel as you are coming out of your body. The first step is just to want it.  This sends a request to your brain that this is an experience you really desire.  The core to successful astral travel is relaxation.  I find using a meditation technique really helps me achieve that deep relaxation state. Meditate for around 15 minutes before attempting to astral travel as this gets you in the best mental state.

Try one of the two techniques below, or even try them both, to see what works for you.

1.  Lifting exercise
You need to lie down and relax to start. Control your breathing and concentrate on breathing in and out.  Imagine what it would be like and picture yourself rising from your body.  Feel how light it is without the weight of your body but you are still part of it and connected but separated at this time. Relax all your muscles and think of yourself as an astral body not a physical one. Now raise your body head, then your shoulders, your back until you are standing completing up.  This is a good exercise before going to sleep.

2.  Climbing out exercise
Taking the same position as in the previous exercise start relaxing all your muscles and control your breathing.  See your crown center open and imagine your astral body reaching out of your crown center and taking hold of a rope and pulling yourself out of your physical body. Do this about 3 times before bed time.  Your subconscious mind will take it in so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen straight away.

At first don’t be concerned about whether it works for you or not.  The more you worry the more it wont happen.  These are good relaxation exercises in themselves, so it is helping you no matter what else happens. The more you practice the better you will become and then you will truly experience the ecstacy of an astral travel.

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4 comments to Who else wants to Astral Travel?

  • Nicola

    Dont think astral travel is possible. That is my opinion of course.

  • Angelr

    You are entitled to your own opinion I agree Nicola. I know I did find it difficult probably because I dont have a very good attention span but the more I tried the easier it got.

  • I did it once using another technique. The only thing I can say is that you can see clearly all the colors are brights. It lasted seconds for me because I got sacred. LOL, it was 13 years from now. I can’t believe I almost forget that!

  • Pisces_69

    I think the key to astral travel is to really want it!It most definitely exists and there are different techniques so you need to find the right one for you. I was able to describe what a person was wearing and how their house looked like inside in detail even though I had never been there before.It’s an amazing experience but like everything else it requires lots of practice.