Smudging for protection and happiness

Smudge sticks
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A smudge stick is a bundle of herbs tied together which when lit produces smoke which gives off a lovely aroma and is used to purify the house or possessions or even yourself.

I have practiced smudging in the two homes I have lived in over the years but only a few times have I felt that I needed to do it.  Smudging traps negativity in the smoke and carries it out to escape through the doors or windows.  I have always used it as a spiritual house cleaning especially when I have felt feelings of anger, resentment or other negative feelings in the house.

The first time I smudged my house was in the one before this house I am living in now.  This came about when I felt a previous partner was coming back to the house in his dreams.  This made me feel very edgy but after the cleansing that feeling lifted but at the same time his attitude changed to that of being resentful and angry himself and I put that down to the fact that his astral travel had stopped.

I have bought commercial smudges and these have worked well but you can make your own.  The most common herb found in them is sage and this herb is good for healing and uplifting of the spirit.  Sweetgrass is similar but maybe more gentle.  Releasing anxiety and sorrow is what sweetgrass is used for.

I love lavender and I like to add this too and this herb is great for relaxation of the mind.  Rose is another ingredient that makes the house smell beautiful and is used for love.  You can add the lavender or rose to smudge sticks you buy as well if you wish to personalize your blend.

In my next post I will share with you my own house protection method when smudging.

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