Out of body travel experiences

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Have you flown, passed through objects or become invisible to others in your dreams?  Then you were probably having an out of body travel experience called an astral dream.

You could say “It’s only a dream’ or you may wish to believe you actually did it.  If you have one of these out of body travel experiences then write it all down, trying to remember every detail so you can check to see how accurate it was in the future when you look back on it.  This will confirm whether it was an astral dream or not.

Have you ever felt a deja vu feeling?  Then this may be an out of body experience too that you are remembering.  I dont have them often but when I do it feels so real and I can describe things that will happen in great detail.

Out of body travel experiences are usually very vivid and colorful and it is obvious what the meaning is as it is a kind of reality experience.  Sometimes this world is called the fourth dimension which is free of time and space constraints.

The following video is one of my favorites and I have always loved the song by Bob Lind.  It brings back a lot of memories and I always think of  astral dreaming.  I am a butterfly, a celestial body running through my dreams and those of the ones I love and sometimes lost.  If you like butterflies like I do then you will love this video also.

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