About Me

I have been reading dreams for my friends and family all my life and didn’t realize that I had a gift, only that I could be quite accurate in my interpretations.  It wasn’t until I was in middle life that I learned I was gifted intuitively.  I had visited  a psychic  who told me I had this insight and told me to pursue and develop it further as I had all the answers for myself and others already.  I was amazed, and at the same time it all made sense now why I could understand dreams, while others where baffled by them.

This began my hunger for knowledge and I am still seeking this.  I don’t think we should ever think we know it all. Learning is a life long journey.

Although dreams are where my primary talents are, I also like to read angel cards to answer questions that I need answers for.  My angels are very special to me and I feel them close so I ask for their protection and advice often.  My angels give me answers to questions that I need.  I have tried tarot but I cant find a deck that speaks to me the say way so I stay with my beloved angels.

I believe you are here at Dream Town for a reason, even if you are not sure what it is just now,  so I hope you find the answers you seek here.

I hope you enjoy  Dream Town and I wish for you that all your dreams come true.